Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to the Treadmill

I am officially a wimp.  The weather has gotten to me.  We're in the middle of a nasty, misty, drizzly spell, and I REALLY don't like to go out in it.

Oh, how bad can it be you ask.  Well, the morning temperatures this week have hovered at around 50 degrees.  Not a bad temperature for running - in fact, just about perfect.  As long as it's DRY. And no wind.  Hmmmmmm...

I did run Tuesday.  Fifty degrees.  Dry.  But a headwind.  Both directions!  How can that possible BE???  But it was.

My hands were cold.  My ears were cold.  I never felt quite loose and warmed up.

And now I have a cold.  UGH.

But at least I had enough sense yesterday to NOT run outside.  It was 50 degrees and windy again, and drizzly  Perfect weather for hypothermia!.  So I went back inside and rode the stationary bicycle.

This morning was a weather rerun of yesterday, plus a little sore throat thrown in for good measure.  So I made ugly faces out the window and got on the treadmill.  Oh, how I hate the thought of the treadmill!  But you know, once I'm on it (with the TV turned on, of course!) it's not so bad.

Isn't that the way it is with most things you're dreading?  The thought of doing them is much worse than doing them.  Some day I might actually believe that!

I Might Be a Real Runner!

I had an odd experience Friday night.  I was driving home after seeing "The Help" with a friend (BIG recommendation!) and suddenly thought how I'd like to go for a run when I got home.

It was 10:30 at night.  I'd already run four miles early that morning.  It hadn't gone very well, either.

Yet, there I was, thinking what a great time for a run.


I really enjoy Jeff Foxworthy and his "you might be a redneck" humor, so here's my take on it:

If you write the date in your new shoes so you know when to replace them, you might be a runner.
If you number your socks so you know that both in the pair will wear the same, you might be a runner.
If you plan your schedule around races and training runs, you might be a runner.
If you have Body Glide stashed in three or more places in your house, you might be a runner.
If you like the smell of Body Glide, you might be a runner.
If you watch the New York Marathon on television, you might be a runner.
If you know the IT band isn't a music group, you might be a runner.
If you stretch your Achilles tendons while you're on an escalator, you might be a runner.
If you know what Badwater is, you might be a runner.
If you know what Leadville is, you might be a runner.
If you think about running late at night after already running earlier in the day...

Well, you get the idea.

Here's a place you can go to see some more of "You Might Be a Runner If..."

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why It's Only Temporary

Because, after all, everything IS temporary; everything changes.  And the whole point is I'm working on relearning who the real me is.

Yes, it's a blog like so many blogs - a chronicle of a midlife search to rediscover the me I've forgotten while Being a Mom for what seems like forever.

I hope my ramblings touch a familiar chord.