Monday, February 22, 2016

That Man and the Garbage Disposer

That Man had knee replacement surgery 5 weeks ago.  The day after he came home from the hospital, I turned on the garbage disposer after cleaning up from dinner (yes, I DO cook), and water sprayed all over under the sink like a fire hose.  Why THEN?!?!??!!?  Why not 5 days earlier, BEFORE the surgery?!?!??!?  So typical of houses and cars.  Things just have to break when it's most inconvenient.

I said nothing.  I can live without the GD (interesting initials that machine has!) for a few weeks.  I put a strainer in the sink and emptied it into the trash every day.  UGH.  To actually TOUCH garbage is so YUCKY (that's a scientific term).

But late last week, The Man was making plans to change the oil in one of our cars  Hmmmmmm....  If he feels up to doing THAT...!  

So I fessed up - the GD was hosing down the sink's nether regions. I thought it was a seal.  

He got down on the floor (WITHOUT getting on his knee - how is that possible?), removed the trap and handed me the fitting.  I dug out the seal, and it was split.  So he went to Home Depot, spent about $3.00, came home, got back down on the floor, and put everything back together - my hero!!!

After he was done was the best part - he was all smiles the rest of the evening!  Back to feeling useful and needed.