Wednesday, March 2, 2016

All Geeked Out with the BLAZE!

Last week my FitBit Blaze was delivered to my mailbox - oh, goody, a new toy!!!

I get text, calendar, and phone call notifications, and I can control the music on my phone with it.  Pretty cool, daddio!

It's a smart watch, but it's NOT an Apple watch competitor - I can't answer texts or phone calls like The Girl can on hers, but it's what one reviewer called a smart-enough watch!  I've seen The Girl answer her phone and carry on a conversation on her watch, and it reminds me of Dick Tracy and his 2-way wrist radio (oh, no, I don't remember Dick Tracy comics in the newspaper myself- not me, never ever, that's for OLD people - HA).   Even she said it's awkward to talk to your wrist.

I can choose different watch faces.  I'm using the "Flare" face.  It shows you how active you were during the current hour by how much "flare" shows up on the display for each minute.
I originally had reservations about wearing what's essentially a pedometer on my wrist, but it's proven to be fairly accurate for most activities.


Beware if you wear it while you're grocery shopping and pushing a cart.  NO STEPS RECORDED.  

Beware if you run on the treadmill and hold the rails.  NO STEPS RECORDED.  And I had it in treadmill mode.  It showed 400 steps for my 3 mile run. 

Ya gotta swing that arm!  Phooey.

But I like it.  I'm all geeked out now!

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