Thursday, December 3, 2015

I'm Ba-a-a-a-ack!!!

Be afraid - be VERY afraid!

Long story short - life happened.  And death, too, which is, of course, part of LIFE.

The last Elderly Parent passed last year, and The Girl had a baby, so maybe we're back in balance again.  But, now, with The Baby, I'm officially OLD - I'm a GRANDPARENT.  Oh my.  She's awfully cute, though.  I don't think we'll try to put her back.  The Girl might have some objections.

I drove to Branson, Missouri, for a vacation, and boy, I had a blast!  Along Interstate 70 there are loads of motels and restaurants with "66" in their names, since it parallels old Route 66 for quite a while.  Route 66 brings back the summer road trips we took in the era B.I. (before interstates).   We got excited when we saw farm windmills (as opposed to windmill farms) and oil well pumps (rocking horses). From the interstate, I saw one windmill and eight rocking horses.  I got excited, of course!  I also saw some interesting billboards (one of my favorite things about road trips):

Mule Trading  Post - Good golly, I remember billboards for the Mule Trading Post when I was a kid.  They're kind of like the See Rock City signs and barns when you're traveling east, but not quite as bad.  Plenty of them, though!  The Mule must do pretty well - the billboards are in good shape.  It's just hard to believe it's been in business for 40+ years.

World's Largest Rocking Chair - Wow.  Giant furniture!

Got Bra Problems? - This took me by completely by surprise, mainly because the letters on the billboard were ginormous!  I mean, you're driving along, minding your own business and BAM!  GOT BRA PROBLEMS? right in your face!  For some reason, I found this immensely funny.  Maybe I was overly tired, but I laughed until I thought I'd be sick.

Got Chicks? - Also in ginormous letters.  You expect it to be some XXX-rated truck stop (there are plenty f those along the interstate), but no, the "chicks" are literally CHICKS.  It's a billboard for a hatchery

Lambert's Cafe, the Only Home of "Throwed Rolls" - Yes, that's "throwed," NOT "thrown."  I've eaten there - it's just a few miles south of Springfield, Missouri.  They throw the dinner rolls at you.  It's a hoot!

and my favorite,

Vacuum Cleaner Museum - Their tagline:  "It will suck you in!"  I thought I was going to run off the road laughing.

I just love road trips!  You see so much STUFF, if you just pay a little attention, even on the interstate.  Cross country driving is the way to go.  Everyone should take at least one good long road trip - it's the all-American way to travel.  Like the vacuum cleaner museum, "It Will Suck You In!"

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